The Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Oct 11, 2018

Did you know that on average women think about sex more than men? This translates to many women touching their bodies and masturbating to feel pleasure. While pleasure alone is enough reason to masturbate, these reasons make it even better. Check out some of the many benefits that come from masturbation.

Helps Prevent Cervical Infections and UTIs

When women masturbate, the orgasm “tents” or opens the cervix. Not to mention, masturbating helps to relieve pain and flushes out bacteria from the cervix. This provides protection from cervical infections and urinary tract infections.

Easier to Sleep

Masturbation can make you feel sleepy, very similar to the way reading a book before bed can. Orgasms work to physically and emotionally relieve tension, leaving you feeling satisfied and calm. This is largely due to the release of calming hormones that relax the whole body.

Lessen Post-menopause Problems

Many women are unsure of how to handle the changes that arise as they go through menopause. The vagina can become more narrow, making intercourse and vaginal exams more painful. Masturbation can increase blood flow, relieve moisture issues and help tissue remain more elastic.

Strengthen Pelvic Floor

Masturbation is a great workout for your pelvic core. The clitoris fills with blood while muscle tone, heart rate and breathing all increase. Then, the uterus raises off the pelvic floor and gives your muscles a workout. This helps keep your reproductive organs in shape and adds to your sexual satisfaction.

Improves Mood

If you are feeling down, masturbation can actually help you feel more positive. The hormones released from masturbation improve your mood and make you feel less stressed. Learning to love your body can also boost your confidence and make you feel happier with yourself overall.

As you can see, masturbation offers many benefits. Make yourself comfortable with masturbating so you can fully enjoy all it has to offer. Your “Me” time starts now.