Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying

Nov 13, 2018

Sex should be pleasurable for all parties involved, but getting close and personal with another person can be intimidating. Due to this, it is normal to have fears or concerns regarding sex. The good news is that there are ways to overcome these worries so you can fully enjoy the time spent with your partner.

One major concern that many people struggle with is feeling comfortable showing their body to someone else. Especially in today’s society, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and rating our worth based on looks. It takes some practice, but remember your partner is thinking about how great you look. They are not even going to notice the imperfections you see. Your partner may even be feeling insecure too, so make sure to compliment their physique as well.

Many people are afraid to speak up and voice what they want sexually. Whether it’s the fear of your partner judging you, or not wanting to hurt their feelings, you cannot let that hold you back. Start by asking your partner if you can try this instead of that. Your partner will be receptive when you are vocal about what you want more of instead of what you want less of. As time goes on and your preferences change, make sure to update your partner on what you enjoy most.

Another common worry is not being able to orgasm. This is a valid concern as researchers have found that close to 75% of women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone. Experimenting with different methods can help you find what will make you feel magical. Something as simple as changing positions can be helpful or you can try arousal gel, toys, tongue, hands, or masturbation. Progress can take time, so do not get discouraged if it seems like you cannot find the perfect solution for you.

Now that you’ve had sex, what do you do? If you are in a committed relationship, cuddling and complimenting each other on what you liked can be beneficial. This increases bonding and feelings of closeness. However, if you do not plan on having sex with that person again and you do not want to stick around, do not feel pressured to stay. There are no right or wrong things to do post-sex, so do what feels right for you.

Once you let go of your worries, you can indulge in the pleasure that sex provides. Me Female Arousal Gel can bring your sex life to the next level as it is formulated to go seven layers deep beneath the skin and work instantly. Give it a try today!