Sex: An Important Part of Any Relationship

Oct 05, 2018

Sex plays a crucial role in committed relationships for several reasons aside from reproduction. While intimacy and pleasure are part of it, sex has also has many positive physical and emotional benefits. Understanding these benefits is an important part of recognizing the role sex plays in any relationship.

Relieve Stress
As it turns out, the chemicals released in the brain during sexual activity naturally promote relaxation. Researchers have found that having sex is actually comparable to eating “comfort food” as the reward center in the brain works similarly in both instances. Not only will the decrease in stress benefit each person individually, but it will also benefit the relationship overall as well. This will lead to fewer arguments so you can enjoy being worry-free together.

Way of Communication
Many people do not realize that sex is actually a means of communication. Sex is a method of expressing your desire to be with each other. When you take part in sexual activity, you are communicating with your partner, in an intimate way, how you feel about them. Your actions during sex can say a lot about how you are feeling in the relationship. This is why it is extremely important to be open and honest about how you are feeling and what you enjoy during sex.

Emotional High
Sex releases feel-good hormones that will leave you feeling amazing. The feeling is similar to the high you may feel after an intense workout. Not only that, but these hormones play a key role in the bonding that is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships. Studies have shown that positive emotions are especially high within 24 hours of sexual activity. This helps to not only brighten your mood but also to strengthen your relationship and bonding with your partner.

Better Sleep
When you orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released. This hormone can be helpful in achieving a deeper sleep, especially in the REM stage. This is the part of the sleep cycle where dreams occur and the brain and body are getting recharged. Getting proper sleep every night will make you feel less irritable and more ready to take on the day. With your partner getting extra sleep too, you will each be less likely to pick fights and more likely to treat each other with care.

As you can see, sex is a very important part in a relationship and not just for the pleasure. The ways sex can benefit a relationship are countless. If you feel like your sex life is lacking, try adding in ME Female Arousal Gel for the ultimate pleasure.