Making V-Day a Me Day: What to do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Feb 08, 2018

There’s tons of advice out there on how to overcome the loneliness of spending Valentine’s Day alone, how to find someone before Valentine’s Day, and how to get back at your ex, but there’s not much advice available for those of us who are happily single on the holiday.

Whether you’re just taking a break from dating for a while, or you’re just at a place in your life where you prefer being single, here are five ways to actually enjoy the holiday when your willfully alone:

1. Organize a “Secret Valentine’s” with your friends
Put together a group of your other happily single friends and celebrate the holiday together. You can even plan a small party around it. Use an online service like Elfster—typically used for Secret Santa exchanges—and set a limit on the value of gifts to be exchanged. Then on Valentine’s day you can exchange gifts while enjoying a few glasses of wine with your friends.

2. Take a class
Spend your Valentine’s Day enriching yourself, whether you’ve been meaning to become a better cook or you’re just looking to shed a couple of pounds, taking a class can help you get moving in the right direction. Who needs New Year resolutions? Set yourself a goal on Valentine’s Day.

3. Go on a spending spree
OK, maybe not a spree, but if you don’t have anybody you have to spend money on for Valentine’s Day, why not spend it on yourself? Who knows, by this time next year you may have met the one you will spend the rest of your Valentine’s Days with, why not make this one indulgent, and all about you.

4. Order in and veg out
Why do anything for Valentine’s Day at all when you can sit in the comfort of your own living room and just veg out? Order some take-out or delivery, get comfortable on the couch, and catch up on your favorite show, binge-watch something new, or curate a movie marathon starring your favorite celebrity crush.

5. Enjoy a spa day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not spend the day focusing on pampering yourself. SInce you don’t have to spend any money buying a gift, why not spend that money on a spa day that will rejuvenate you for weeks to come?

So don’t skip out on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single, love yourself and make you the special person in your life this year. And don’t forget to wind down the night with a little ME-time between the sheets.