How Cuddling Can Save Your Relationship

Jan 02, 2018

Is the passion in your relationship starting to fizzle out? Well, then it’s time for you and your sweetheart to start snuggling up! Making your sex life more personal through cuddling can reinvigorate the love between you and your partner.

A big benefit from cuddling is something called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone released during cuddling (or really just any physical activity, but cuddling releases A LOT of it) that has a whole laundry list of incredible benefits. From pain relief to stress reduction to even a lowered risk of heart conditions, it seems like there isn’t any way this miracle hormone makes your life better. But even with all the health benefits, there are just as many ways that oxytocin from cuddling can help strengthen relationships.

The same responses in your body that are improving your health could improve your relationship just as much. Imagine coming home from a rough day, be it work or just general day-to-day stress. Taking a little time to curl up with your partner and relieve this stress doesn’t just make you feel better, but also fosters the idea that your partner is someone who can always make your day a little bit better.

Another way that oxytocin can help is thanks to it’s ability to make people feel closer. For women in particular, oxytocin is super important for bonding and developing deep relationships. This is because the hormone is very closely linked biological responses that bond mother and child. This benefit of oxytocin is one of the biggest factors that makes cuddling with special someone feel like such an intimate activity. It’s not only an activity that brings you together physically, but emotionally as well.

Another way that cuddling can save your relationship is because it has a tendency to lead to much more. It releases dopamine, another feel good hormone that’ll excite you and your partner and make you both feel a whole lot sexier. This means cuddling has a very good chance of leading to regular sexual activity, which is proven to strengthen a relationship. There’s also a release of endorphins, similar to when you exercise, which gives you that nice warm feeling you get from cuddling, making it a relaxing, feel-good activity after a round of lovemaking as well.

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got the facts to back it up! Researchers from multiple universities in Toronto conducted studies to find the activities which lead to the most satisfaction in a relationship. What these studies found, is that of the activities studied, which included sex duration and regular foreplay, the biggest factor to relationship satisfaction was post-sex cuddling. There were different reasons for men and women as well. In most women, just the act of cuddling itself increases satisfaction, and for men, cuddling after sex increases their sexual satisfaction, which is helps their overall happiness with a relationship.

If your relationship is missing the fire it once had, why not warm it up with some cuddling? It’s healthy for your mind and body, and can be just the spark you and partner need to reignite that burning love you once (and still!) have for each other.