Uncovering Women’s Sexual Fantasies

Jan 02, 2018

Whether any of us want to admit it or not, there’s no denying that we all have our own fantasies when it comes to the bedroom. Acting on these sexual fantasies is any easy way to make sex more exciting, and help build the relationship between you and the woman in your life. Whether your woman is hiding these fantasies or is open about them, find out what they mean so you can make them a reality.


There’s no point in denying it, every guy has fantasized of a threesome at some point. But what is probably a bit more surprising is that many women have as well. It’s more common than you would think for a woman to fantasize about having another female in the bedroom. This could be for a number of reasons. She could be a little bi-curious, or maybe is just turned on by the taboo of sharing her man. But before you get too excited, remember some key things. First thing is that having two guys in bed at once might be her idea of three-way rather than what you likely had in mind. Being the center of attention in such an intimate way is a common fantasy, so don’t be too surprised if she wants you to be the one who’s sharing. Second, but most importantly you have to remember that something like this has to be something all parties completely consent to. Make sure each of you is ok with it, and know to express if they get uncomfortable with the situation.

Sex With a Stranger

The idea of a sex with a stranger is a common turn on for women. The thrill comes from the spontaneity of it all, as well as the no strings attached aspect of it being someone she doesn’t know and will likely never see again. These fantasies are ones that excite with the scandalous freedom of an unexpected sexual encounter. And guys, there’s nothing to worry about. Your girl isn’t just going to run off and have a quickie with someone she passes on the street. This fantasy is most likely just that, a fantasy that she has no intention of actually ever taking beyond a steamy mental image. But if you are worried, or just want to really give her a really good time, why not let indulge in her fantasy in a non-infidelitous way using a bit of roleplay. Meet up somewhere, use fake names, rent out a hotel room, and make her fantasy a reality (more or less).


To some women, the thought of letting their man take control in the bedroom is incredibly arousing. The feeling of letting go and letting someone else being in complete control can be very tantalizing. It’s a feeling of helplessness, but one that in a safe environment where they know they won’t actually be harmed. That point is probably the most important thing to remember if that’s what your partner is into, that submission play should not be a violent or harmful thing. You don’t have to go full 50 Shades of Gray, determine what you’re each comfortable doing for and to each other, and have a system in place if things ever get a little out of hand.

All in all, whether your woman has revealed them to you or not, she surely has her own fantasies when it comes to sex, and there’s a lot more possibilities than we can name in one blog! When you’re comfortable doing so, try sitting down with your partner and figuring out what these fantasies are and how the two of you could bring them into play the time you two take a trip under the sheets. Believe us, neither of you will be disappointed!