Female Anatomy: 5 Facts Every Woman Should Know About the Clitoris

Nov 04, 2018

Let’s admit it, putting a gym teacher in charge of your health class wasn’t the best idea. Coach Bill didn’t know the intricacies of the clitoris, and if he did he still probably wouldn’t have taught it to us. We understand, many of you have been able to learn about the clitoris on your own, but really, how much do we bother to learn beyond its function and our preferences surrounding that function? Well, we have put together a quick list of five facts that we think every woman should know about her clitoris. Take a look:

1. There’s more to the clitoris than meets the eye

The term “clitoris” is derived from the Ancient Greek word “kleitoris,” which means “little hill.” This was based on the previous thought that the entirety of the clitoris was what was visible, but that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The visible part is merely the clitoral gland measuring an average of 4-7 millimeters, meanwhile, the entire length of the clitoris measures an average of about 7 centimeters in length.

The internal portion of the clitoris may actually be what has been referred to as the G-Spot. The clitoris extends down along the vaginal wall, making it possible to achieve clitoral stimulation via vaginal intercourse.

2. Different strokes for different folks

Some women like quick, firm stimulation, others like slow, soft stimulation, and some don’t like external clitoral stimulation at all. Clitorides vary as much as the women they’re a part of, and it’s important to understand that it’s all normal.

Most men don’t understand this, and think that just because a technique worked well with one of their previous partners that it will also work well on all of us. Few understand that something that can make some of us scream for more can make others scream in pain. Let your partner know your preferences, because trial and error takes too long and some will never alter their technique without prompting.

3. Size doesn’t matter

Clitorides come in all different sizes, and the most important thing to know about clitoris size is: if you’re not in pain, the size of your cliroris is completely normal, and if you are in pain, you should see a doctor. The visible part of the clitoris ranges in size from barely visible to about an inch and it can grow slightly after menopause. Your clitoris will also become erect when aroused and grow slightly.

4. It’s the only organ in humans that…

As far as we know, the clitoris is the only human organ that exists solely for the sake of pleasure. It’s closest counterpart would be the penis, which does serve the purpose of pleasure, it also facilitates procreation and expels waste from the body.

Researchers believe that the clitoris may have had some role in procreation at some point in our evolutionary past–positing that, like other mammals, the chemicals released into the body during orgasm may have been the trigger that released the eggs that could then be fertilized, but human women have evolved to make ovulation a spontaneous event, unrelated to intercourse.

5. Is the clitoris essentially a female penis?

Now, let’s be clear, if anything the penis is the male clitoris. Allow me to explain. For the first two weeks of development in the womb, both males and females are born with the same part, and in the case of males, at the two week point the fetus is exposed to masculinizing hormones that allows their penis and testicles to develop. This is due to a phenomenon referred to as “biological homology,” an evolutionary benefit that simplifies fetal development.