Communication in the Bedroom: An Important Piece in the Healthy Relationship Puzzle

Jan 11, 2018

We all know a few too many people who are willing to have frank and detailed discussions about their sex lives, but for many people, sex is an uncomfortable subject–even with their romantic partner. While we should not strive to be the person who tells their coworkers of our sexual escapades, we should try to be more open with the people that we’re sleeping with about our wants, needs, and desires. Bad sex is for the timid, and bad sex can lead to an unfulfilling relationship. Communication can lead to a more fulfilling sex life, which in turn can result in a healthier relationship with your partner.

Let’s start with an easy one. With many people working 40 or more hours a week, there is often little time left with our spouses in the evening. This can make initiating sex an uncomfortable position, since it my seem like you’re just trying to squeeze in a lovemaking session out of pure obligation.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes our schedules don’t match up, and even though we don’t have the time to make big, romantic gestures, we should still try to fit in intimate time with our partners. Talk it over with your partner, tell them how you feel about barely having time to be intimate, and then discuss a way to initiate sex without making the other person feel obligated, rushed, or used. This discussion may seem silly to initiate, but it can literally result in years of not having to stumble around different ideas on how to proposition your significant other for something you both want.

The next part is a little trickier, you have to teach him. Ugh, I know, that’s not your job, but if you want fulfilling sex, then you need to let him know what you like. On top of this being taxing, it can also be incredibly uncomfortable. I mean, essentially by showing him what you like, you’re telling him that he’s doing something wrong, right? Wrong. Unless he’s truly clueless, it’s unlikely that he’s doing anything wrong, just that you have a preference as to how he could do it better FOR YOU. Yes ladies, we’re all different and we like different things. He is likely doing things that he got positive feedback on in the past, not realizing that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t apply to women. They don’t apply to men either, this open dialogue will also result in you learning how to better please him, once he feels more comfortable with the open dialogue. Afterall, just because your last boyfriend loved it when you bit his lower lip doesn’t mean your current beau doesn’t hate it.

Finally, once you’re comfortable with open communication in the bedroom, you can experiment. Being open to trying new things in the bedroom can help keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Try adding ME Female Arousal Gel to be ready when that spontaneous moment hits.