Have Better Sex Now: Tips to Liven up Your Love Life

Jun 04, 2018

Need a boost in the bedroom? Or maybe you just think your sex could be even more amazing? Here’s our guide to improving your sex life today.

1. Explore

Exploring each other bodies and your own is a vital part of a healthy and exciting sex life. Figure out what gets you and your partner going. Learn what works for you so you can then relay that to your partner, take your time exploring and learning about each other’s wants and needs. Some ideas are to be playful with a game of strip twister or take a romantic bath together, cue the candles and bubbles!

2. Change of scenery

We all need some inspiration every now and then and changing the scenery of where the “magic happens” can enhance the experience. Try keeping the lights on in the bedroom for a different experience. You could also look around the house and find new and creative places for some romantic time. You could even set the mood with a campout with a private tent in the backyard for some romance under the stars.

3. Aphrodisiac

There are some studies that show certain foods can stimulate sexual desires. Hot chili peppers can spice things up literally, eating hot chili peppers stimulate the nerve endings of your tongue which increases adrenaline and increases your heart rate. Eating your greens can also give your sex life a boost! Asparagus increases the blood and oxygen flow to the genitals and the high level of potassium in asparagus is connected to sex hormone production. Everyone’s favorite topping avocados or guacamole has great benefits. The Aztec translation for the word avocados is testicle, avocados provide the body with vitamin B increasing energy levels. Try cooking dinner with your partner with some of these foods and stimulate your sexual desires.

4. Role Play

Fulfill your wildest fantasies, play dress up or dress down. Don’t wait for Halloween to dress up as your favorite character, create your own storyline with your partner. Reenact your favorite steamy love scene from a movie. Role-playing will keep things interesting and entertaining in the bedroom. It’s your fantasy, you can be as creative as you’d like as long as you’re both comfortable.

5. New Moves

“Been there done that!” is the last thing either of you want to hear in the bedroom. Switch it up from time to time as the same routine can become boring. Communicate to your partner that you’d like to try out new moves. Pick up a karma sutra book from your local bookstore to read with your partner and pick out the ones you’d like to try. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and sensual with your partner, a simple touch or setting the mood with dimmed lights and candles can make all the difference. Nothing wrong with change if the old routine isn’t working.

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